3 Quick Techniques to Stop the Annoying Ringing In Your Ears!

Most people suffering from tinnitus are constantly looking for a quick remedy to cure this annoying condition. The constant ringing or buzzing sounds in their ears often interfere with their daily activities.

Sufferers of tinnitus report depression, heightened stress, increased irritability, lack of proper sleep and other problems.

There is a multitude of causes for both subjective and objective tinnitus. Blood vessel disorders, exposure to loud noise for prolonged periods, earwax build-up, benign tumors on the cranial nerves are just a few of the causes.

Understanding the cause is the key to stopping the ringing sound. You will need to analyze your daily activities to discover what is causing the tinnitus. Most people assume that tinnitus is a medical condition when in reality it is a symptom of some other problem. When we address the real problem, the tinnitus disappears.

Consulting a physician would be a good idea. Examining your diet and daily activities may also shed light on the cause. In the meantime, here are 3 quick tips you may quickly employ to try and reduce the incessant ringing in your ears.

In many cases, just following these 3 tips may bring significant relief. You may be aggravating the condition without even realizing it.

1. Use Sound Masking Devices

Use a sound masking device. These devices can be worn behind the ear and create a low level of noise to distract you. Most sufferers of tinnitus report hearing the most ringing during the silent periods. Just before bedtime is the worst because the surroundings are quiet and they can hear all the buzzing in their ears.
A sound masking device will create white noise that masks the actual ringing in the ears. There are several commercially available products that serve this purpose. Some sound machines have pre-set timers to turn off after a certain period by which time you will be fast asleep.

2. Avoid Caffeine

A very high proportion of patients reported seeing improvements in their condition the moment the cut down on their caffeine intake. The reason for this is that caffeine is a stimulant and it does not matter what the cause of your tinnitus is for caffeine to make the symptoms worse.

Coffee, sodas, and energy drinks are best avoided. Even someone not experiencing tinnitus would do well to stay away from these.

Drink fruit juices and lots of water. Maintaining a clean and healthy diet will do wonders for your body and diminish the effects of your tinnitus.

3. Avoid loud noises

This is so obvious yet easily overlooked. A teenager who constantly listens to music blasting over his headphones may notice that he has a ringing in his ears after a few hours. Then, later on he goes ahead and listens to loud music again for another few hours.

Ignoring the symptoms when they are mild is the biggest mistake that most sufferers make. Prevention is better than cure. Nipping the problem in the bud will go a long way towards permanent relief.

If you’re a bartender working in a club with blasting techno music and you have a ringing in your ears, maybe it’s time to seek alternative employment or use earplugs to mitigate the condition.

At the end of the day, you need to be self-aware and understand your body and what it’s going through. You are the only person who can do that.

Be proactive and change your life for the better starting with your diet, the outlook in life, physical activity, and general conditions you’re surrounded by. Once you can do that, it’ll be easier to solve your tinnitus problem.

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