6 Tinnitus Treatments You Must Know!

Everybody who has tinnitus shares one thing in common. They want to put an end to the incessant noises in their heads. It may sound like they are crazy by but this is a very real problem and it’s anything but fun.

Tinnitus sufferers often experience symptoms like a constant buzzing, ringing, clicking or tingling sound in their ears. This occurs especially during silent situations. So, it’s like they are the only ones hearing noises that no one else can.

There is no medication or drug that can be used to treat tinnitus. The most effective way would be to isolate the cause of the tinnitus and address it. This may vary from person to person. So, the patient must be fully aware of what is going on in his life and see if he’s doing anything that is exacerbating his condition.

In this article, you will learn 5 other tinnitus remedies that may help relieve some of the symptoms you may experience.

These remedies have worked for thousands of tinnitus patients and they have reported that their symptoms were greatly reduced after following these remedies. The remedies may seem simple and you may have your doubts. Nevertheless, give them a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

1. Gingko Biloba
This is a very common remedy. It has no scientific basis and there are no studies to show its efficacy. However, many patients have reported that it worked wonders for them. What gingko biloba does is that it reduces the flow of blood to the ears. So, there is less activity and excitement in the ear thereby reducing the ringing noises.

2. Avoid Caffeine
Avoid coffee and other beverages such as sodas and energy drinks which may contain caffeine. Not only does caffeine keep you awake but it worsens the symptoms of tinnitus.

3. Consume zinc supplements
Studies have shown that a deficiency in zinc may make people more prone to certain health problems. Tinnitus is one of those problems. If you don’t wish to spend money on zinc supplements, you can always eat foods that are rich in zinc such as oysters, toasted wheat germ, roast beef, roasted pumpkin seeds or even dark chocolate.

4. Melatonin supplements
When a person sleeps in the dark, the brain naturally produces melatonin. Tinnitus patients are usually unable to sleep peacefully because of the ringing noises in their ears. This lack of sleep agitates them and in turn, their irritation stresses them out and worsens the tinnitus symptoms. A vicious cycle. By consuming melatonin supplements patients will be able to treat their subjective tinnitus effectively.

Of course, if you do not wish to buy supplements, there are foods that will work fine too such as olive oil, wine, tomatoes, and walnuts.

5. Eat Fresh Pineapple

This is a highly effective remedy because pineapples have an anti-inflammatory effect. The inflammation in the ears will be reduced and there are many other benefits too. This remedy is most effective when done frequently.

6. Consume Bayberry Bark

Most people may not even have heard of this but it is one way of treating tinnitus. Bayberry bark is an herb that strengthens the body’s defenses and acts to ward off any diseases. It also has to counteract properties to eradicate any symptoms that may arise from tinnitus. These herbs are best consumed as a dietary supplement.

These are the 6 natural remedies to help treat tinnitus. Don’t knock them till you have tried them. You may find one that works for you and your tinnitus problems may be over once and for all.

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