Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

If you got a tattoo at some point and now you’re worried about the message your body art might be sending about you, especially if you’re trying to get a job, take heart, there are a lot of ways of removing and unwanted tattoos. Cosmetic tattoo removal is possible, and depending on which method you choose, it may not even be that expensive.

If your tattoo is less that 6 months old you need to wait before you have it removed since the underlying layers of skin will still be damaged and healing from the initial procedure.

No matter which type of procedure you choose to try, the success will depend on many factors such as the depth of the tattoo ink, the size and color of the tattoo, and your skin type and tone. No two people are alike and you will have to discuss these factors with your doctor.

If you want a temporary cover up you can get some cosmetics that were specifically designed to temporarily camouflage your tattoo.

If, on the other hand, you just want it removed I’ve compiled a list of some of the most common methods as well as some pros and cons of each. I hope this information will make it easier for you to pick the option that is best for you.

1. Laser and Intense Pulse Light (IPL). While similar, these methods are not one in the same. They both target the ink itself that is located in the lower layers of your skin. The light will help to break down the ink so it can be absorbed into the blood stream and eventually filtered from your body.

Both of these methods are expensive though the IPL method is more expensive. On the other hand the IPL method isn’t as painful and is usually considered the more effective method between the two.

Talk to your doctor about pricing options for each one.

2. Dermabrasion. This method is similar to expensive spa treatments in that it uses an ultra fine sand paper to literally sand off the top couple layers of skin, the layers where the tattoo ink is located. Over time your skin will rejuvenate and will completely ink free.

This method is the oldest form of tattoo removal and it dose work, but it is painful and healing does take a long time.

3. Excision is also a surgical procedure that is 100% effective on removing tattoos. This method is simply when your surgeon cuts off the layer of skin where the tattoo is located and sews the edges back together. This method doesn’t work well with large tattoos.

As with any type of surgery there is a risk of scarring and infection. It’s very important that you are careful who you choose to perform this surgery.

And last, but not least, you may want to try some tattoo removal creams. Some brands are better than others but many people get great results using these creams.

If you want to find a permanent cosmetic tattoo removal method, you now have a great staring point. There are a lot of options you can pursue so that you don’t have to be stuck with that tattoo any longer.

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