How to Use Acupressure to Ease Headaches and Stomach Aches

Headaches and stomach aches are two of the most common pain people experience in their everyday life. These can be caused by different factors such as stress, tension, extreme change of weather and other things that cause people to feel this kind of discomfort. Feeling one of this can make people less productive as it channels the energy in resolving the pain.

There is a traditional Chinese medication that helps relieve these kinds of pain without using much, all it takes is pressure. Not the kind that can cause pain but the kind that relaxes, similar to a massage. This is called acupressure massage likened to acupuncture without the needles. Acupressure is a type of massage that controls acupoints or pressure points which are parts of intersection between the brain and a body part. According to traditional Chinese medicine, there is an invisible flow of energy called “Qi” or “chi” that if blocked can cause imbalance resulting in pain and various health conditions. This technique can help relieve pain without taking too much pain from the needles. Plus it is all natural! It only needs manual pressure on the right points, no more pills.

Basic Pressure Points for Headache and Stomach Ache

These are some of the pressure points to ease headache and stomachache. These are easy to locate and to apply pressure on. Headaches are caused by stress, tension, fatigue, and even an extreme weather condition. Along with this modern era, headaches are also caused by staring on the screen of our gadgets for too long either for work or for leisure time. Acupressure can help relieve pain through these acupoints. Massaging or applying pressure on these points can ease headaches and it only takes 3 easy steps.

  • Union valley points

These are located on the web between the index finger and thumb. This is an acupoint for easing both headache and stomachache as it is related to tension.

  1. Using a thumb, start pinching or applying pressure with your opposite hand on the said location for 10 seconds.
  2. After that, make small circles on the area in one direction for 10 seconds.
  3. Repeat these steps with the opposite hand.
  • Nose bridge point

This is located on either side of the nose bridge near the eyebrows. Applying pressure on this part can relieve the headache caused by eyestrain and sinus pain.

  1. Start by using the index finger to massage the points.
  2. Hold for 10 seconds, then release.
  3. Repeat.
  • Nape point

This is located on the base of the skull on either side of the hollow portion at the back of the neck. Massaging this part can help relieve headaches caused by tension on the neck.

  1. Apply pressure using the index fingers on these pressure points.
  2. Do an upward stroking manner on these portions for 10 seconds, then release.
  3. Repeat.

Also, stomach aches are troublesome when it comes to celebrations, social gatherings and other events including food. But food is not the only cause of the pain in the area but also stress and tension which makes it cramp. Here are some of the acupoints to help you get by and enjoy the party.

  • Elbow crease point

This is located on the top of the elbow crease at the edge of the joint. This can relieve diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain.

  1. Apply pressure on the said location for 10 seconds.
  2. Do a circular motion while applying pressure.
  3. Repeat.
  • Wrist point

This is located three fingers above the wrist crease aligned with the palm. Massaging this part can ease indigestion, vomiting, anxiety, and tension.

  1. Apply pressure on the area using a thumb.
  2. Hold firmly for 10 seconds, then release.
  3. Repeat.
  • Foot point

This is located on the web portion between the big toe and second toe. This can help with nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

  1. Apply pressure on the location using a thumb.
  2. Hold for 10 seconds then release.
  3. Repeat.

The pressure points can help to relieve pain but not to cure any kind of sickness. This is to control the pain but not to be a cure for an illness. It is a good thing to know these kinds of techniques to manipulate pain and to improve circulation, especially headaches and stomachaches to have a better and productive day!

Benefits of using Acupressure

This kind of traditional Chinese medication do not only offer relieving pain but also a relaxing experience as it treats various kinds of pain and ailments. Acupressure includes advantages such as:

  • Improving sleep
  • Relaxing muscles and joints
  • Reducing digestive issues
  • Alleviating chronic pain
  • Restore balance in the body

These can help to have a better lifestyle and improve circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems of the body.

Acupressure can help ease the pain for the time being but it is still based on the lifestyle and diet of a person on how frequent headaches and stomachaches a person can feel. Prevention is better than cure, as they say, acupressure is a preventive measure rather than a cure; helping the flow of life to run in every vein of the body for a better life.

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