Home Security: Make Sure Your Home Is Well Lit – To Deter Burglars

Having an unlit house means sending the burglars an invitation to invade. Like in the medieval times, raising the archers meant sending a message to your opponent, using a dark house means sending a message to the burglars to invade. If you keep your rooms well lit, the burglars will be in a constant dilemma whether they are under surveillance or not. If the place is dark, it means that even if the cameras are working, nothing is showing up. They have the freedom to invade and take anything without you even noticing.

There are many smart lights that are in use these days. After you switch them on, and if they find any motion, they will ring up an alarm to notify the people living in the house and the people who are living outside the house. Never leave a house in the dark.

Many people think, if there is darkness, it will make stealing difficult for the burglars. Well, get yourself in the burglar’s shoes and think, if you were a burglar, what would you do? Would you select a well-lit place to steal or would you rather choose a dark one? A dark one is the obvious choice.

Keeping the house lit, or keeping the garden or the court yard well-lit will not cost you a lot more compared to what you will lose if you are under attack from a burglar. Try to keep the main lights of the entrance of your house lit at least. If you think that you cannot sleep, just use a curtain or a board to prevent the lights from coming to you. Do not think of turning off that light as an alternative.

If the lights are switched on, the burglars will not be sure whether you are sleep or not. Sure the burglars are armed and have more power over you as you are not alert, but they have no interest in fighting you. Their goal is to take the desired items from your home and get away without any trouble. So if they find the lights off, they will know that you are asleep, and there is no surveillance monitoring them. Then they will be encouraged to get in and try to take your possessions. If you still catch them, you risk engaging in a fight which results in both parties getting hurt.

If you keep the lights on to deter the burglars, then the insurance company will know that you were alert and your probability of getting coverage increases. So let’s get this scenario straight. You keep the lights on, meaning that it will prevent you from being burgled, and also later help you get coverage. It’s like the lights are backing you up before and after the burglary.

If the lights are on, there may be some people in the neighborhood, who might see and intruder trying or planning to get in. They might alert you, or if it’s too late, might call the cops. But if your lights are off, the chances of your neighbors or the pedestrians actually spotting the burglars are low. A well-lit house is like a church, trying to repel all the misdeeds that are happening. There might be occasions where the burglars, after seeing your house is well-lit, decide not to intrude in your neighborhood, and instead alter their plan and try another neighborhood. You never know. No one will get to know about it but you will be the neighborhood’s unsung hero.

There are always dogs in the neighborhood. If your house is well-lit, the dogs will be staring at your house. This is a psychological feature of a dog, they like staring into bright and shiny things. If they spot a burglar trying to attack your house, they will start barking and will wake the whole neighborhood. Now where will the burglars go?

Keeping your house well-lit does really pays off doesn’t it? You can keep all the burglars at bay and can have a good night’s sleep.


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