What Are Tinnitus Maskers And How Do You Use Them?

One of the symptoms of tinnitus is the constant buzzing, ringing or clicking noises in your ears even when your surroundings. One of the methods of addressing this issue is the creation of white noise. This article will shed light on tinnitus maskers and their effectiveness in alleviating your tinnitus symptoms.

Tinnitus maskers are electronic devices created just for tinnitus sufferers. These unique devices are able to create white noise that will mask or drown out the noises in your head. Most people are not used to the sounds in their ears and by using maskers, the brain is fooled into only listening to the surrounding noises and ignores the sounds in your ears.

This is a load off the shoulders for tinnitus sufferers. Now, they can focus on other things without being annoyed or distracted by the sounds in their ears. However, one should note that while the masker may drown out the sounds in your ears, the sounds still exist and once you turn off the masker you’ll hear them again.

This is just a way of making tinnitus bearable but it will not cure you the way a proper diet or reducing caffeine consumption may. You need to be aware that maskers are a short term solution.

Discovering the root cause and addressing it will be the only way to end your tinnitus issues.

Tinnitus maskers are often also called sound generators. They may play nature sounds or other generalized background noises. There are variations where the masker may fit into your ear.

Several hearing aid devices also possess masking functions. This is to aid the elderly who may be experiencing age-related hearing loss and tinnitus. These units are known as combination units.

When choosing a masker, you will be presented with a wide variety of options such as portability, intensity, output level, and masking level. Carefully weigh your options and choose a unit that will suit you best if you decide to go the route of buying a masker.

Try to choose a unit which doesn’t have high output levels. Most generators leave the settings level to be decided by the user. So, just use the masker at a level that is just low enough to mask the sounds in your ear and not any higher.

Maskers have been proven to work and help people who have problems sleeping due to tinnitus actually get a better night’s sleep. There may be some initial inhibition when the amplification turns off in the night. However, the settings can be adjusted to leave the general masking sounds on.

A unique observation was made that ear devices that were worn on the ear not affected by the tinnitus also had positive effects on the symptoms and caused relief.

If you do not have the budget to purchase a masker, you may use an mp3 player, iPod or other devices that you own to play soothing music at low levels. The effect is similar and to a certain extent, effective too.

In the end, it’s the other measures that you take that matter. Change your diet, exercise and reduce your levels of stress. Avoid caffeine, eat more fresh pineapples and consume zinc and melatonin supplements. These few measures will truly help you from within. That’s where it really matters.

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